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If you're looking for a videographer or maybe photographer for your upcoming wedding or elopement, congratulations! Choosing who documents the events of your day is often one of the most important decisions when planning an event, but don't worry, I'm here to help. 

You might want to choose me if you're looking for someone who can be unobtrusive, while still capturing all the most important parts of the day. If you want someone who won't make you pose for ages, but instead captures the natural atmosphere of your event and the real story; someone who understands the celebration at heart and creates work that reflects that joy, then you might just want to read on...

your favourite third wheel

Hi, I'm Jo

I'm a proper nerd, I love playing D&D
and video games.

fun fact #4

While I love living in N. Ireland now; Edinburgh, Scotland will always be my second home.

fun fact #3

I got my black belt in karate when I was 16. I still consider it my greatest achievement.

fun fact #2

We're saving up for a campervan to go adventuring round Ireland and across Europe!

fun fact #1

Though I've also been on the other side of the camera on a wedding day! My husband Patrick and I actually met when we were just 11 years old on our first day of high school, but didn't get together until we were 17. We got married at the beautiful Mill at Ballydugan in 2017 after seven years together.  We've since moved into a little fixer upper just outside Belfast and expanded our family to include Fergal the cat and Séamus the dog. 

When I'm not filming or editing weddings, you can usually find me watching old movies or chilling out to some indie folk music. I love spending time outdoors, (especially wild swimming, canoeing or a bit of birdwatching) but also staying in for a game night with friends. 

All in all, I feel so lucky that I was able to turn my hobby of filmmaking / photography into a job, and that I get to be part of the most exciting days of peoples lives.

(and I like it that way!)

I'm the girl normally hidden behind a camera

© Peter Mackey Photography

I mean, I'm biased, but... yes! Statistically the most quoted regret from brides and grooms is not booking a videographer. Let's put it this way - don't think of video as being moving photographs, think of video as pictures with sound! With video you'll be able to hear all the important parts again - the music as you come down the aisle, the laughter and cheers of your guests, the jokes during the speeches etc. Video is great for capturing all that. 

That's up to you! My standard wedding package has me arriving around 2 hours before you're due to leave for the ceremony. Then I'm with you through all the way until the first few songs after your first dance, or equivalent time However I also have the option for you to book me on an hourly rate, ideal for elopements or if you don't want the full day filmed. 

To secure your date and ensure I can provide you with the best service, I recommend booking as early as possible. Some couples book me up to a year or more in advance, especially for popular wedding dates during peak seasons, so make sure you reach out early to lock in your date!

Thankfully during my whole career I've never had to call in sick to a wedding! However in the extremely unlikely event that I can't make it personally to your wedding, I'll make sure you're covered. As above, I would arrange for one my trusted shooters to come in and cover the day. I can't stress this enough - you'll never be left hanging. 

My primary focus is on filmmaking, but I do occasionally like to shoot stills. You can check out my work on my journal. However, if you want me for video I'd love to connect you with my talented photographer friends!

Unfortunately no. This is because most popular music can't be licensed without spending literally thousands of pounds to legally use it. Thankfully, there are so many great websites out there like MusicBed or Soundstripe that allows us videographers to license some beautiful music for your films. I spend a long time picking each song for my films as I want it to match the atmosphere of the day. If you have a particular genre you love (or hate!) I am very happy to work around your tastes!

I  believe...

I believe in putting my heart and soul into every film I make.

I believe in film as a tool for remembering not just what happened, but how it felt.

I believe in embracing imperfection, in celebrating who we are in the now and not waiting for the perfect moment.

I believe in marriage equality.

I believe that all are welcome here, this is an inclusive space, and that it is vital to celebrate diversity within my work.

I believe in sustainability, making eco-friendly choices in my work and highlighting the beauty of local nature.

I believe in continual learning and growth, always striving to learn and achieve more each year in my business.

I believe in community over competition, and embrace opportunities to work with my fellow wedding creatives.

I believe that everyone has a story worth telling, and it’s my absolute joy and privilege to tell those stories.