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I love all the personal details that Caitlin and Peter put into their day. They spent months in the run up to their wedding completely transform the family home into a beautiful wedding venue. They had their dinner in an old barn just off a courtyard surrounded by old stables. How amazing is that? Have a scroll through here for all your summer DIY inspiration.

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To elevate your experience, I have created a list of helpful wedding tips to ensure a stress-free bridal morning. These will allow you to really soak in all the special moments without rushing.

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A first look is a moment you and your partner share before the ceremony when you get to see each other in your wedding attire for the very first time. It’s an opportunity to take a few minutes together, just the two of you before all of your guests arrive at the ceremony site.

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You plan your wedding for months or even years, and then the day itself goes by in an absolute blur. A wedding videographer will help you capture those moments, especially the ones you don’t see on the day, and help you relive them for years to come.







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