How to write a great wedding speech

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If you are wondering how to write a great wedding speech that everyone will carry in their memory – this is the right place for you!

Fun and entertaining speeches make celebrations memorable. They make the couple feel special, loved, and valued. Although public speaking can be overwhelming, and you shouldn’t force anyone to give a speech if they don’t feel comfortable, the best way to calm the nerves is to start preparing as early as possible. 

In my opinion, the best speeches I’ve heard have been written from the heart – fun, sentimental and personalised. The purpose of the wedding speech is to make the couple feel loved and appreciated. This beautiful tradition can make the whole event even more memorable if done right.

I strongly admire funny wedding speeches, true anecdotes and good wishes! I think they hold significant value and always receive a better response. Wish to convey something similar or totally unique? Then below are a few tips to help you create a unique writing piece:

Start preparing early

The best way to put together a perfect wedding speech is to start preparing it early. Public speaking and the pressure to create a great writing piece can get a bit nerve-wracking for some people. You can overcome this pressure by planning well in advance. Start gathering the ideas, create a first draft, read it, edit it, make the final amendments, and then do a lot of practice to become a pro. 

Make a small introduction of yourself

The first step to writing a wedding speech is to introduce yourself and define your relationship with the couple by letting the audience know how you relate to them. This way, the guests will get familiar with the person speaking and will help them understand the context of your writing better.

Make it personal

Personalised speeches are the best! They are heartfelt, warm, and special.

The best way to create an authentic draft is to write from your heart while keeping your main focus on the couple. Share what you like about them, and most importantly, avoid including googled generic jokes. Instead, tell your own fun memories with them to make the speech more interesting and entertaining.

Include a funny joke or a beautiful memory

Add humour to your writing by sharing a joke or a funny anecdote. This will keep the crowd relaxed and will also ease your public-speaking anxiety. Funny wedding speeches are much more memorable since they feature waves of laughter from the guests and the couple. However, please avoid turning the toast into a stand-up comedy routine. Share jokes with context so everyone can get them.

In addition, include beautiful memories of the bride and groom or share your fondest experiences with them to spark emotional resonance and make them feel loved.

Keep it short and sweet

Conclude your wedding speech by offering your good wishes to the couple and thanking everyone for attending the event. Your writing should emotionally engage the guests without boring them for too long.

Maintain your posture

To improve your practice, record yourself while you’re talking. Public speaking isn’t easy, but with little confidence, practice, and focus, I am sure you can ace it.

By following the guidelines I provided, you’ll be able to create the wedding speech all the guests will be talking about. And if you struggle to find inspiration, feel free to watch several films that are bound to stimulate your writing creativity!

For some inspiration, I think David and Denzi’s wedding really showcased some beautiful speeches. Check it out here!

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