Is wedding videography a necessity or luxury?

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Is wedding videography a necessity? I see this question debated online all the time. Now, I don’t want to get all ‘Buzzfeed’ style click-baity, but the answer might surprise you!

I imagine that you’re expecting me to jump in immediately and say that it’s a necessity. Most wedding videographers feel that way, and many have advised me to tell any potential clients that too. It makes sense that they would push that idea.

I’m going to tell you what I truly believe – wedding videography is a luxury. Here’s the thing though – everything at a wedding is a luxury!

Technically, the only thing you need to get married is that piece of paper. I genuinely believe that everything on top of that is an extra luxury. (I’m so sorry for the betrayal, fellow wedding vendors!) Here’s why that’s a good thing – if you take the attitude that everything at a wedding is a luxury, that can be incredibly freeing. Don’t like the idea of certain traditions? Chuck ’em. Nothing is a necessity! I love when I get to shoot weddings that throw “what’s meant to be done” out the window and just do a day that suits them.

But anyway, let’s rephrase the question. Wedding videography – is it worth it?

I’m going to go ahead and give an affirming yes to this. No surprises there! I do admit that videography can be quite costly, due to the amount of time your videographer will spend working on your video. As that can be a hefty part of a budget, it’s no wonder many couples think twice about whether they should get it or not. But I really do believe it’s something you won’t regret splashing out on.

You plan your wedding for months or even years, and then the day itself goes by in an absolute blur. A wedding videographer will help you capture those moments, especially the ones you don’t see on the day, and help you relive them for years to come.

I’ve often heard couples say “well, we’ve got a photographer, I don’t think we need a video as well.” It’s a fair assumption to make. Both are visually capturing the atmosphere, details and celebrations of the day. But here’s the one thing a photographer can’t give you that a videographer can – sound. You can look at a photograph of someone giving a speech as much as you like, but unless it has been captured on video, you won’t be able to hear it again. Sound has a way of transporting us back in time to certain moments. Think of the way you associate certain songs with memories!

In lieu of a professional videographer, many couples try to record the speeches or ceremony on a phone. This is a good idea in theory, as many phones can capture amazing visuals these days. Sadly though, without professional audio equipment, the sound quality may be pretty low, and you may struggle to hear what’s being said. A professional videographer will have a plan to capture the audio of your day in a crisp, clear way.

In summary. Is wedding videography a necessity? Nah. Is wedding videography worth it? Absolutely.

You can check out some examples of my own wedding videos either on my YouTube channel or on the Portfolio page of my website.

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