How to have a stress free wedding morning

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As a Northern Ireland wedding videographer, I have had the privilege of witnessing many big celebrations.  And one thing I have noticed is that the morning always sets the tone and mood for the rest of the day. A relaxed wedding morning will ensure your celebration goes as smoothly as planned.

To elevate your experience, I have created a list of helpful wedding tips to ensure a stress-free bridal morning. These will allow you to really soak in all the special moments without rushing. Have a look:

1.      Have some ‘ME’ time

To have a stress-free wedding morning, start by unwinding the night before. If you feel too excited and anxious and need support, you can schedule a pampering session with your bridal party for an amazing experience. I also recommend avoiding alcohol. Turn in early, and make sure to get 7 or 8 hours of beauty sleep. Having a good night’s sleep and (and not being hungover) will ensure you feel fresh the following day.

2.      Prepare everything the night before

Make sure to pack your emergency kit a day before your special day. This includes accessories, perfumes, tissues, bobby pins, hair elastics, deodorants – anything you think you might need! 

3.      Stay hydrated and eat your breakfast

I cannot emphasise this enough – please stay hydrated and eat your breakfast. Make sure that you schedule time for breakfast or brunch in your wedding day timeline. Having nutritious food will calm your nerves and provide you with adequate energy to deal with the big day. In addition, drinking plenty of water will help you to avoid headaches or feeling light-headed.

4.      Create a relaxing atmosphere while getting ready

The atmosphere plays a crucial role in de-stressing.

To have a stress-free wedding, create a calming and soothing environment while getting ready. Have a clean space and play relaxing music for your bridal party to get ready. Always dedicate more time to each task than you think you will need! This will help you avoid any last-minute rushing. I recommended aiming to be ready at least one hour before you need to leave for the ceremony.

5.      Communicate exclusively with your wedding suppliers

To have a tranquil bridal morning, exclusively communicate with your wedding suppliers. Check-in with them to ensure everyone is on the same page. Do you have a change of heart about your makeup look or want something different? Inform your stylist prior to the event. Print out your timeline and send it to your chosen professionals. This will save you all from stressing on the big day. Communication is the key when it comes to planning the most special day of your life.

6.      Have all your details gathered in one place

As a Northern Ireland wedding videographer, I will suggest you gather all your essential details in one place. This includes dresses, shoes, rings, hair accessories or anything else that you want me to document and portray the details of your story. Doing this will save us both so much time!

I hope the above tips on avoiding stress on wedding mornings are helpful for you. If you are looking for a videographer to document your meaningful memories, get in touch with me by visiting my website.

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